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About Us

Precious: Pieces Places People is a work in progress. The idea first came to mind five years ago when I was studying an MBA. What Precious was going to be and what it is now are two completely different entities. In the early years I started blogging about fashion. I thought that was my future and that is where I wanted to be. As time went on I changed paths and last year decided that Precious would be an e-commerce site specialising in gifts and homewares. In April 2014 Precious, as you know it now, was launched.

The definition of Precious is something of great value; not to be wasted or treated carelessly. This is what I am offering you - Precious Pieces for Precious Places of Precious People. 

I’ve personally hand chosen (and tried not to keep!) each of the items available on the store hoping that when the Precious Person opens their parcel it will bring a smile to their face, make their day brighter, bring them happiness and make them feel more loved than ever before.

Take a wander around the store and find a little piece of precious.

Never stop dreaming, never stop believing,
Jax (Jacqui Roberts)


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