Big Hugs Leesa Lamb (White) - Comforter

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Leesa Lamb is the loveable huggable character from the O.B. Designs' Big Hugs Comforter range.  Her profession is a Graphic Designer. She likes Tropical Storms and Day Spas. She dislikes Weeding and Slow WiFi.

Both the head and arms are super soft and the arms have weighted beads. The comforter is made of a luxuriously soft low pile plush in white with a beige body and face and has Leesa's name embroided on it. It comes with an "If lost please phone ...." tag and a removable hook for attaching to the Woodlands Activity Playmat.

Suitable from ages 0 to 2.

Dimensions: 31cm x 29cm x 7cm.


O.B. Designs was established in 2008 and are an Australian business based in the Northern Rivers of NSW. The range is Australia designed and where possible also manufactured in Australia. The creator's, Leesa and Kate's, dream to create kids toys and gifts that are not only stylish but unique with a sense of humour.

They are an environmentally and socially conscious business that uses recycled materials where possible and keep plastic for packaging at a very minimum. They take great consideration when choosing where they source their production.