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Blog - preciousppp

Mousse au chocolat

Chocolate Mousse is a much loved dessert in our family. For quite some time it has been the go to dessert at a family function and is heavily criticised on its appearance, texture and taste."Mousse" is the French word for "foam", while "Chocolat" is of course French for "chocolate". Consequently, "Mousse au chocolat" translates as [...]

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Tantalise your senses with TEAL

Need to revitalise your body and your home? Why not invigorate your living space with teal accents. Teal is Calming and Sophisticated.Get the look:1. Ribbon Teal 2 Cushion Set2. Stella Champagne Set3. Stella Tumbler Set4. Stella Wine Set5. Acrylic Cutlery Set6. Diamond Teal and Latte 3 Cushion Set7. Ceramic Jar with Lid8. Ceramic Jar with Lid9. Distressed Photo Frame 3.5 x 3.510. Distressed Photo Frame [...]

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