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Blog - reeddiffusers

Introducing SOHUM to Precious

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Comprising two words ('so' and 'hum' from the ancient vedic texts of India), when uttered, the word itself is said to bring about enormous blessings. At its most basic, SOHUM reflects the 'life force' inherent in each breath and affirms the companys desire to infuse their activities with passion and energy. Consequently, 'love' is a listed first and last ingredient on every SOHUM product label.

Still fastidious about product formulation, SOHUM source their premium ingredients and fragrances from across the world. Combined with evocative packaging, the brands ultimate pleasure is bringing a new refreshing celebration of fragrance.

Beyond the surface layer of instant appeal, SOHUM's passion for perfume is a labour of love, the tangible benefits are evident - not least through the pleasurable process of enjoying SOHUM.

SOHUM is Made in Australia, using all vegetable derived ingredient and never tests on Animals.

Click here to view the range. I love them and I'm sure you will too!!

We are giving one lucky Facebook Fan the opportunity to win a Sohum Vanilla Absolute Candle. Click here to enter Post by Precious.

Keep on dreaming, keep on believing,




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