Miffy Lamp XL

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Miffy is a delightful little character that was created by Dutch artist Dick Bruna in 1955. To keep his young son entertained whilst it was raining at the family's holiday house in North Holland, Dick would sketch and make up stories about a little bunny that he had seen hopping around the yard. Hence, Miffy (or nijntie in Dutch) was born. Miffy is a simple, hand drawn rabbit with long white ears, two dots for eyes and a cross-shaped mouth. Her physique has evolved over time and her stories have become the best selling children's book series in Holland as well as being published in more than 50 languages. Miffy turned 60 on 21 June 2015. 

This story is close to my heart as my late Father was born in the same town as Dick Bruna in Utrecht. 

Now everyone can light up their life and have their very own Miffy in their home. The Miffy Lamp will create an inviting and cosy atmosphere with its soft warm glow, ideal for telling bedtime stories to your precious children. Miffy will capture the hearts of your little ones and will soon become part of the family.


  • Compliance to Australian  Safety Standards
  • Fitted with Australian power points.
  • Made in the Netherlands.
  • LED light bulb (included) provide an energy efficient, long lasting, and safe source of lighting.
  • Made of durable Polyethylene.
  • 5 steps dimmer: provides the ability to create the optimum ambiance.
  • Dimensions - 40cm (D) x 40cm (L) x 80cm (H)
  • Size XL (also available in a S)